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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 22, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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rogers -- it's just fun. i'm jim gardner. have a good night to be the. michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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tv's number o videright this minute". talk about a dicey mission to get a hook out of shark's mouth. >> looksike ihere for quite some time. >> how a brave boat captain takes matters into his own hands. >> like the shark knew he was
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there to help. >> a tv interview interrupted by a police chase. >> suspect just kept running. what happens when the camera follows him where the cops can't. a mountain biker treads a delicate balance. >> between risk and reward. >> why a rough spot is no obstacle for him. >> a mountain goat! >> and serenading an engaged couple. >> congratulations, guys. you'rjoe, right? right may be e food cha serrated teeth, but sometimes they still need our help. smil fella. >> that's sad. >> it is sad, and it's hopeful all at the same time. on the back of this tiger shark, seven feet long, is elliot grant sedall, a researcher charged with the task of tagging sharks.
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he's caught this one. that's his hook right there. he can take that hook out. >> mine's out. check this out. >> there's another hook in the shark's mouth. looks like it's been there for quite some time, kind of rusty, embedded in the shark's there good. look comf hta band aid pops that hook out. but the job isn't over. again, he's doing research. tagging of animals is designed to help track migration routes, breeding behaviors, and. >> at least he was wearing all the safety equipment. this kind thin if youon what you're
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doing, don't attempt to tryo catch k,is safety gear, i believe, is all right up here.s reporter w interviewing a firefighter about a situation that just had taken place. notice the car pull up. there's an agent behind him and a few fellas get out. one of them just takes off running. >> seems like a pic happening? >> yes, right in the middle of the intervie like any goodphotographer, this one kept rolling andt suspect kept running, he's out. >> t and tackle this guy! >> he wasn't paying attention, but the photographer is still ere too. bothered to run after the guy? >> yeah, b fact there were three of them and they were able to detain the other two, kind of understand the logic. >> good job, got two-thirds of your job done today. let's go over to ireland.
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two of the attempting to rob theth one is getting his mi jackson on.rime is dancing. >> oh, my gosh. kidding. >> i need you to focus to do whatever it is you need to be doing, even if you're not supposed to be doing it. >> smooth criminal, huh? >> terrible criminal. >> people think it's pretty funny, too. >> look at the mane mirror. tell yourself, is this the guy u want to be? this is the kind we get behind. you're at the grocery store and you get rung up, but suddenly your groceries are paid for, but you didn't swipe your own card. >> what's up, guys? it's the holiday season, which means it's a great time to refocus our efforts on giving back. >> we know when stewart edge is involved, there's a lot of generosity that comes into play. >> we got permission to take
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over a checkout aisle in our area. while they are checking out, i will go up and pay for their groceries. after i leave, sharon and bart will pretend like they never saw me. >> all right.and then, did you card? >> no, he did. >> did you swipe your car? >> no, the guy. >> the red hand, you've seen it. don't you play with me, you just saw it. >> guy in the white? >> is there a guy in white that works here? >> he's like a christmas angel. >> a christmas angel that was sent by the man upstairs. everybody, of course, thinks the cornupstairs, but not that guy. the other one. >> a gentleman all dressed in white came up and paid and said he was from upper management and disappeared? >> yeah, and then went upstairs. >> are you guys kidding me? >> they are sellingwell. >> it's paid for.
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>> now they are like, if we walk out, is security going to be on our backs? where's the receipt? >> they have a receipt. >> it says gift. i've never seen it say gift before. merry christmas gift. >> well, merry christmas to you guys. >> this is part of the video. turns out they wereelebratingth. >> us paying for their groceries is a miracle, because they had been going through a financial rough patch. after hearing all that, i got overwhelmed with this feeling that we should invite them to go through the store with a cart and get whatever they needed. >> this is awesome. >> stewart does this every year, every time, end up with goose bumps, man. nice work. >> happy holidays. seeater. getting the most out of life is about f a comfortable balance between risk and reward. gillian braun here is almost
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quite literally riding that edge, because check this out. he's in france taking his mountain bike to the mountain. in so many different ways, he's i'd be nvous walking, but to ace see what he actually gets up to in this video is incredible, actually, because he's going -- kindf like going along a railw treme, but just getting startedet across this b. that? pop up a wheelie, make my way across, no problem, but how do i get back up? this is where heoes rock climbing with his bicycle straed to his back. he's got over 60 pounds of stuff on his back, then goes rock climbing, as well. >> guy's a mountain goat. >> i don't know what to think about this.>> craziness continu. goes up through this rather slippery looking rock, makes his
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way down that. that's no joke at all, especially when you look at it from that angle. >> told you. risk versusreward he hislife. lg hll has it. >> his best life. they warnedhim, don't parl . >> somhing tells me he got stuck for a reason. >> see how he gets out next. and see how iggy tries to figure this out. new boots. >> i love this. i love it. they are trying to step over something that's not there. >> iggy's sldilemma next on "rit this minute." (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, he largest heart failure study ever,in. to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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well, i told you so! >> basically, the guy behind th. the guy just cursed him out. >> gave me a bit of abuse. now he's stuck. >> stuck. >> how do you get stuck on that? >> something tells me he got stuck for a reason. >> because the universe thought it would be hilarious. >> this thing is a four-wheel drive suv and it's stuck in grass? >> snapped right through his window. that's what you get. >> wow. >> all ofthis, the company buys justified giggles and laughs. >> he's doing it behind the window of the house. ut front. putting it on youtube and "right
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this minute." >> listen to him snicker. have you tried to deflate the tires a bit? lower the pressure. only persons the driver of the black suv. >> eventually looks like they get the suv out. this is the aftermath. >> wow. what a mess. >> of course, they are not going to come back to fix this, are they? >> well -- >> the guy's apologized and said he's going to put the grass to the way it was. he's off now to clean his jeep. >> lesson learned. as we get to celebrate christmas, hopefully in some cold and some snow, half the world celebrates it the we're way with warmth and thunderstorms. and in the case of this beach near adelaide, australia, some really cool and uncommon spider lightning. >> nice. >> cebravis caught this on camera and slowed it down.
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meteorologists say lightning that travels through clouds is uncommon. this is even less common to see it break apart in this pattern. pretty cool. caleb wasn't the only person to see it or capture it on camera. over on dash cam owners australia, which typically captures nothing but crashes and crazy driving, they also shared a bit of lightning, as well. this time from a dash cam. >> i kind of wish that the lightning would have somehow created the illusion of having spelled something like "hi." >> it kind of looks like every drawing i ever did on etch-a-sketch. >> what a beautiful thing to catch on video. backing it up. come on, come on. >> come on, bud. come on.
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good boy, you did it, you're in. you made it in. >> walking in boots is hard, especially when you've got to break them in. iggy is having the same problem. >> i love this. i love it. they are trying to step over something that's not there. >> iggy has to walk out in the snow, and it's a little cold, so the owners had to buy these boots and now trying to figure out how tok in them. poor iggy. hopefully figure it out before winter's over. all of the dogs in this next video know exactly what to do with snow. that's what the video is entitled, "dogs enjoying snow." really freaked out by snow or really, really crazy about it. >> pretty sure that dog may not be enjoying the snow. chilling. >> literally. >> what happened when the dog park becomes a snow park? >> the mind of a dog must be a
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really happy place. >> thrilled by the simplest of things. >> trying to snowboard or whatever, but also doing way better than i'd ever do. >> nice to guy long for the ride. ♪ ♪ ♪ sorry mom and dad ♪ sorry to my brothers >> he's singing the broke millennials song. >> that's kind of works. >> hear his holiday anthem next. it's her first time winter wonderland kind of thing. >> never done a snow angel, and there's snow there in her yard. >> see what happens next coming up on "right this minute". nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit.
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and presents galore ♪ >> well, not quite everyone. ♪ none of this i can afford because i tried to sing in showbiz and now i am poor ♪ >> that's how it works. the grind is not pretty. >> and you have to add in the fact this dude's a millennial, which means -- ♪ so i can't afford this christmas ♪ ♪ sorry mom and dad ♪ sorry to my brothers there's no presents to be had ♪ ♪ can't afford this christmas ♪ nothing under the tree ♪ you all work steady jobs and i do improv shows for free ♪ >> he's getting paid in fun. ♪ don't you worry i'm still coming home ♪ ♪ you can count on me ♪ but i'm flying home on an airlines where you have to pay to pee ♪ >> all right, let's wrap this up. ♪ i can't afford this christmas ♪ ♪ sorry mom and dad
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♪ sorry to my brothers there's no presents to be had ♪ ♪ ♪ >> but if you got me anything, that's cool. >> yeah, like cash. cash would be great. >> or just food. it is snowing in some parts of texas, where people don't necessarily expect it. for little peyton here, it's a brand new experience. >> go figure. >> she's trying to get her snow angel in. >> i should have worn a jacket. >> she's adjusting to the fact that it is stinking cold. >> snow angels, hurry. >> gives in to the cold and gets her snow angeln. >> go, go. >> she's like, all right, get out of here. >> chop, chop. got it on video, you're good, let's go. >> in this video, little vin is about to see snow for the very
2:35 am
first time, as well. he's spent, according to his parents, about 30 minutes getting bundled up. so he's ready to go. jump right in. >> what is that? >> what, what? >> i don't know what it is, because i can't seech it. touch it. >> oh! >> he says he tasted it. >> jump in face first. >> i'm pretty done with snow for a long time. >> yeah, he's moving to the desert. what happens when this guy g engaged? >> congratulations, guys. you're not -- you're joe, right? >> he's mistaken over and over again. sese
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>> yes, indeed. brody can. new world record. there you go, buddy. the trooper. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> popping a question these days is a big, elaborate ordeal. first you have to find the right person, that special someone. >> got the big elaborate ordeal? seriously, it takes years. a lot of searching. sounds like an ordeal to me. >> and a couple attempts. >> that's half the problem, nick. he's got to find the right person. ♪ let's get married >> congratulations, guys. >> this is funny. >> you're not -- you're joe, right? >> no. >> wait, am i at the wrong >> he approaches these couples and starts playing them a jam. they are like -- ♪ at the altar in your white dress ♪ >> she's not my lady or anything. >> yeah, i need her number, bro. >> hired me to do a proposal.
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>> are you serious? >> freaking


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